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Recognizing the impact of philanthropy at Georgia Tech

1 in 5 Georgia Tech students receive financial aid from private scholarships.


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One third of Georgia Tech’s facilities have been constructed all or in part through private philanthropy.


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1 in 5 professors holds an endowed position that provides support for research and teaching.

Endowed Chairs

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Philanthropy at Tech is a student-led initiative at Georgia Tech created to illustrate the importance of philanthropy on our campus. Our institution benefits greatly from the many generous gifts from esteemed alumni and other friends of the Institute, and we wish to recognize and thank them for their contributions.

We invite you to learn more about these fascinating men and women, learn more about the names you associate with everyday buildings, and learn more about how philanthropic giving is a true Tech Tradition!

Yours in White and Gold,

Priya, Isaac, Brandon, Daniel, TJ, and Kate
Philanthropy at Tech - Student Leads