Blake R. Van Leer Building

  • Ground Breaking: 1962
  • Named for Blake R. Van Leer, Georgia Tech’s 5th President
  • Scheduled for a major expansion and renovation

The Van Leer building houses Georgia Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the largest producer of electrical and computer engineer graduates in the United States. Over the past 50 years the Van Leer building has housed faculty and students who tackled many of the greatest problems in the development of our technological society. On the building's 50th anniversary, it was announced by Georgia Tech that the Van Leer facility will undergo an expansion and renovation. 200,000 square feet will be added through a new wing of the building adjacent to Van Leer and Tech Green and Van Leer itself will undergo a complete renovation.

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Honorary - The building was named in honor of Blake R. Van Leer for his service to Georgia Tech as the fifth president of Georgia Tech, and the first engineer to be head of the institute.

Blake R. Van Leer

Dr. Blake Van Leer had a colorful professional career ranging from service in three separate universities to service as a Colonel in World War II. Following his return from service in WWII, Dr. Van Leer became the 5th president of Georgia Tech in 1944. As president, Dr. Van Leer continued the policies and dreams of his predecessor, president Brittain, and took steps to continue Tech’s progress towards a leading research center and away from the Institute’s trade school roots. Additionally, as president during the early 50’s, Dr.