Carolyn and Earl Shell North Undergraduate Living Center

  • Built: 1992
  • Dedicated: 1993
  • Housed athletes in the 1996 Olympics
The North Undergraduate Living Center (ULC) was built in 1992 and is home to many undergraduate students at Georgia Tech. It also served as apartments for athletes participating in the 1996 Olympics which were held on the Georgia Tech campus.
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Philanthropy - The building was named after Carolyn and Earl Shell for their generous donation toward the building

Carolyn and Earl Shell, Jr.

Earl L. Shell, Jr. graduated from Georgia Tech in 1962 with a degree in Construction Management. After graduation, he had very successful career in Construction Management, and eventually became the President and CEO of Hardin Construction Company, LLC. Shell now serves on the Board of Trustees for the Georgia Tech Foundation. In 1993, the Northern Undergraduate Living Center was named for Carolyn and Earl Shell, Jr. for their generous contributions to the building, and their selfless time spent involved in the Georgia Tech community.