Colonel Frank F. Groseclose Building

  • Constructed: 1983
  • Cost: $2,652,000
  • One of the main ISYE Buildings

The Colonel Frank F. Groseclose Building was constructed in 1983 for $2,652,000 by The Winter Company. It is located at 765 Ferst Drive and occupies 54,585 square feet on campus, with 35,320 square feet as assignable classroom space housing a large number of ISYE classes, offices, and computer labs.

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Honorary - The building was named in honor of Colonial Frank F. Groseclose for his contributions to Georgia Tech...

Frank F. Groseclose

The Industrial Engineering department at Georgia Tech first appeared in 1934, as an offshoot of the the Mechanical Engineering department. Mainly due to the contributions of “the father of industrial engineering” or “the Colonel” as most knew him, Frank F. Groseclose set the program on the course of excellence that still continues on today. As an ROTC graduate from Virginia Tech, he was called to active service in 1942, and upon his return, Groseclose established the School of Industrial Engineering under the supervision of former Georgia Tech President Blake Van Leer.