Domenico Pietro Savant Building

  • Ground Breaking: 1901
  • Houses Tech's International Programs

Although originally founded to house the budding field of electrical engineering at the turn of the 20th century, the Domenico Pietro Savant building now acts as a hub for Tech’s International Programs. The Savant building has witnessed the storied history of Georgia Tech. Built upon the top of the prominence that was once used by confederate soldiers to bombard the city of Atlanta, the Savant building formed the corner of the Institute’s original quad. Over the past 100 years, thousands upon thousands of students have walked through its doors from Cherry street or sat in the afternoon shade it casts onto the quad. ANAK built a stairway to directly connect Savant to Tech Tower and the Briarian Society has a time capsule next to the building. Today, the Savant building is part of Georgia Tech’s Historic District (conferred in 1978) and will symbolize Tech’s history while the school moves into a new age.

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Honorary - The building was named in honor of Dr. Domenico Pietro Savant who was a professor in the college of Electrical Engineering and was the first Dean of Engineering

Domenico Pietro Savant

Dr. Domenico Savant was a pioneer into the field of electrical engineering serving as a professor in Tech’s EE college. In 1935 Dr. Savant was recognized as the Institutes first Dean of Engineering and served that role until 1945. Dr. Savant significantly impacted academics at Georgia Tech by bringing the many engineering departments together for the first time through his role as Dean.