Edwin H. Folk Residence Hall

  • Opened in 1969
  • Cost: $478,000
  • Freshman Experience Dorm

The Edwin Folk Residence Hall was first opened in 1969 on the West campus of Georgia Tech.  It originally cost $478,000 to build and was a co-ed dorm by floor; a mirror image of Caldwell Residence Hall.  This hall is a part of Georgia Tech’s Freshman Experience program, tailored to providing a lively, educational environment for the RATS (Recently Acquired Tech Students).  Around the 1980s, these freshmen had a little too much fun by “blocking off the 1st floor bathroom with plywood, purposely clogging bathroom drains, and turning on all the water faucets; purposely creating a swimming pool out of the 1st floor bathroom!”  The Institute must have had enough of these shenanigans because they made it an all-female dorm in 1993…after a few renovations.

These renovations, and others, made the hall one of the few older residence halls to meet LEED standards.  Complying to LEED standards has been a top priority for the Institute since the going-green initiative has become so important for the past few years.  Despite these new modern “green” techniques, Edwin Folk Residence Hall still has a historical importance.  Edwin H. Folk, the person who this hall was named after, was an esteemed English professor at Georgia Tech during his time.  He was considered one of the most popular professors there at the time, and probably would have had quite a laugh about the students’ pranks. 

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Honorary - The residence hall was named in honor of Edwin Folk because of the institutes love of him and his inspiring style of teaching.

Edwin H. Folk

Edwin H. Folk was born in 1901, and after earning a degree in English, he came to teach the subject at Georgia Tech in 1924.  Mr. Folk became one of the most popular professors on campus during his tenure.  Unfortunately, he passed away in 1959, but because of the general gratitude Georgia Tech students had for him, a passage was written in the 1960 Blueprint dedicated to his name.