Fuller E. Callaway Jr. Manufacturing Research Center

  • Construction: 1987
  • Dedication: October 1991

The Fuller E. Callaway Jr. Manufacturing Research Center (MaRC), a four-story, 120,000-square-foot laboratory and office building, was established in 1987 with a $15 million grant from the state of Georgia. Designed by Lord, Aeck, and Sargent, the building contains state-of-the-art labs that support research, education and technological initiatives. It serves as an incubator for educational advancement and manufacturing research. “We are No. 1 in manufacturing because this is where companies get things done,” said Steven Danyluk, professor and Morris M. Bryan Jr. Chair Emeritus in Mechanical Engineering for Advanced Manufacturing System and former director of MaRC. “I believe the Manufacturing Research Center is the bedrock of where that reputation comes from.” Throughout the years, MaRC has also hosted a number of major research initiatives, some of which resulted in start-up companies such as viaCycle, Radatec, QCept, CaMotion and others. 

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Honorary - The MaRC was named after Fuller E. Callaway, Jr. who graduated from Georgia Tech in 1926 with a bachelor’s degree in Textile Engineering. He went on to become one of the nation’s most prominent textile engineers.

Fuller E. Callaway Jr.

Born in LaGrange, Georgia, Fuller E. Callaway Jr. began his "career" at age 14 ½ (the Georgia minimum age at the time), as a coal stoker in the basement furnace room of Elm City Mill. In 1935, Fuller E. Callaway, Jr. succeeded his brother as President of Callaway Mills, which together they had created in 1932 from the network of industries their father had started.