George W. Harrison Jr. Residence Hall

  • East Campus Residence Hall
  • Freshman Experience, Girls Dorm
  • Built: 1939
  • Renovated: 1998

The George W. Harrison Jr. Residence Hall, located behind Brittain Dining Hall on East Campus, is a Freshman Experience residence Hall. It is dedicatied to Georger W. Harrison Jr. The building was built in 1939 and was last renovated in 1998. The residence hall has 155 spaces with shared bathrooms on each hall. 

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Philanthropy - The building was named after George W. Harrison Jr. who left $16,000 in his will in the 1930s to be invested in Georgia Tech. This investment went on to purchase two lots near campus and for improvements of the Ceramic Building.

George W. Harrison Jr.

George W. Harrison, Jr., left $16,000 in his will for Georgia Tech. These funds were used to purchase two lots near the campus and to improve the Ceramic Building. George Washington Harrison, Jr. was born on March 31, 1884. He was the son of George Washington Harrison and Lucie Minerva Hayden. George Washington Harrison Jr. died on 25 November 1936 in Atlanta and he never married. He was originally from Randolph Co. Mr. Harrison went on to become a prominent Atlanta businessman and owned his own publishing firm, Harrison Company. He was also head of the Board of Water Commissioners.