Hank McCamish Pavilion

  • Ground Broken Date: May 5, 2011
  • Date Building Named: November 9, 2012
  • In 2012, McCamish Pavilion was named one of Atlanta’s top architectural buildings.

Formerly known as Alexander Memorial Coliseum, McCamish Pavilion was renovated and renamed in 2011 and 2012, respectively. It is the home of the Yellow Jackets' mens and womens basketball teams and previously hosted the Atlanta Hawks from 1968 - 1972 and 1997 - 1999. Alexander Memorial Coliseum opened in 1956 and was named for football coach William A. Alexander. The Coliseum underwent three major renovations between 1956 - 1996. The most recent renovation cost $45 million to reconstruct the seating bowl, add an upper level balcony, and expand the concourse and plaza area. One of the improvements included a main entrance at the corner of 10th and Fowler Streets, that welcomes the community to the stadium and serves as an impressive northeast entry to campus. Two more entrances were also built, one for students up Fowler Street and another exclusive entrance for donors located behind the building where the parking lot is located. The facility was renamed in honor of a generous leading donation from the McCamish family.

McCamish Pavilion opened in October 2012 and now boasts a seating capacity of 8,600, an additional upper-level balcony, a two-story glass front entry, an LED center scoreboard, and enhanced digital signage.  

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Philanthropy - Hank McCamish Pavilion is named in recognition of a generous gift of $15 Million from the McCamish family

Henry F. ("Hank") McCamish, Jr.

Henry "Hank" McCamish was born and raised in Greenwood, South Carolina and made Atlanta his home after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1950 with the highest honors. After a career of selling life insurance products across multiple markets, he founded several companies to develop, distribute and administer these products in unique and pioneering ways. He was the founder and Chairman of the McCamish Group and McCamish Systems.