J. Erskine Love Jr. Manufacturing Building

  • Date Building Named: August 2000

The J. Erskine Love Jr. Manufacturing Building for the Georgia Institute of Technology is home for the School of Material Sciences Engineering and will provide additional facilities for the School of Mechanical Engineering. The building cost $23 million to build. Its 151,000-square-foot laboratory facility is the largest of its kind in Atlanta and one of the premier material-sciences engineering research. The two wings house laboratories, student and faculty offices, and interdisciplinary research. 

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Philanthropy - The building was named after J. Erskine Love for his continued generosity to Georgia Tech, and his donation to the construction of this building

J. Erskine Love Jr.

J. Erskine Love, ME ’49, came to Tech at the age of 16 from South Carolina. While at Tech he immersed himself into campus life by pledging Delta Tau Delta, serving as President of the Ramblin’ Reck Club, a member of ANAK and ODK, and also as editor of the Blueprint and Technique. He started Prinkpack at age 27 with one machine and himself. He grew it, with his family, to one of the largest packing converters in the world.