Janie Austell Swann Building

  • This building was named in honor of James Swann’s wife
  • James Swann donated $20,000 to finance this former campus dormitory
  • Georgia Tech matched his donation with $15,000 in order to hire an architect
  • The original building cost a total of about $142,000 to build in 1900
  • from 2003-2005, it cost $3.6 million to restore it to meet basic classroom requirements

What was originally the first dormitory on campus for a purely engineering college is now the hub for Georgia Tech’s international education initiatives. This building is important to the Institute’s goal of increasing the percentage of undergraduate students with international experience. In 1901, this former dormitory could house about 50 students a semester, very small in comparison to how many students the university hopes to teach in the newly renovated building. Because of its old age, it is considered part of Georgia Tech historic district; it is the fifth oldest of the group. However, since then the Swann Building has been restored and altered to handle hundreds of students studying international coursework. About $800,000 was spent to equip the classrooms with materials to instruct students.

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Philanthropy - The building was named in for James Swann's generous donation of $20,00 for the building's construction

James Swann

Mr. James Swann, originally from New York, was a friend of the Tech when it was called the Georgia School of Technology. He donated funds to the school for the construction of the Janie Austell Swann Dormitory, and had it named in honor of his wife.