L. W. "Chip" Robert, Jr. Alumni/Faculty House

  • Ground Broken Date: 1977
  • November 17, 1979
  • Originally a Y.M.C.A
  • A unique photo exhibit of Georgia Tech history was added in 1994

The Rockefeller YMCA was opened on North Avenue in 1912. This building served as a social hub near the campus for many years until being renovated in the late 1970s. In late 1976, Louisa Carroll and Birney Jones, daughters of alumnus Lawrence W. "Chip" Robert, Jr., pledged $596,000 from the Robert Foundation for the reconstruction and renovation of the old YMCA The facility was successfully renovated and dedicated as the L. W. "Chip" Robert, Jr. Alumni/Faculty House on November 17, 1979. Today, the House encompasses offices and support rooms for more than fifty employees, a Career Development center, a Living History Studio, a conference room, and lobby.

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Philanthropy - It is named for Lawrence W. Robert Jr. after a philanthropic donation of $596,000 was made from the Robert Foundation by two of his daughters

Lawrence Wood "Chip" Robert Jr.

L.W. Robert was a 1908 graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in civil and experimental engineering. At Georgia Tech, he was the captain of the cross country team, the baseball team, and the football team while earning fifteen varsity letters. L.W. Robert founded the Robert and Company engineering and architectural firm in 1917 (which helped complete multiple structures on Georgia Tech's campus), and he served as the president of the Atlanta Crackers baseball team.