Lloyd W. Chapin Building

  • The building, when it was built as an infirmary in 1910, had a total construction cost of only $69,000.00.

One of twelve buildings considered to be in Georgia Tech’s historic district, or “Old Campus,” the Chapin Building currently houses many offices for the GT OMED (Office of Minority Educational Development) programs. The Old Campus is at the center of the Georgia Institute of Technology Historic District, situated on and around the crest of "the Hill," the highest elevation of the school's original nine-acre campus. It consisted of twelve beautiful brick buildings wrapped around the iconic administrative building, Tech Tower. In 1910, the building was built under the name Joseph Brown Whitehead Memorial Hospital, and it was originally designed to be the Georgia Tech infirmary. Since then, it has been incorporated into the administrative complex just west of the football stadium. The original building was the result of philanthropic donations by Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans and her husband, who contributed consistently and substantially to many facets of the institute. It was later renamed in honor of Lloyd W. Chapin.

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Honorary - This building is named in honor of Lloyd W. Chapin for his 35 years of service to the Institute in various administrative roles

Lloyd W. Chapin

Lloyd W. Chapin’s thirty-five year career in the realm of academia began at a young age. Born the son of a pharmacist, he graduated from Emory University in 1923, earned a master’s degree at Harvard, and quickly became an English professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Shortly into his career at Tech, he became the university’s Registrar. However, he only kept this position for a short time before moving on to pioneer new offices at the Institute. Lloyd W.