Louise M. Fitten Residence Hall

  • Built in 1972
  • 128 rooms
  • 4 floors

The Louise M. Fitten Residence Hall, located on McMillan Street across from the Department of Music, is a Freshman Experience residence Hall. Built in 1972 and last renovated in 2011, the dorm building features 128 rooms across 4 floors. Earlier in its history, the building was a female-only dorm, and the residents were affectionately nicknamed the Fitten Kittens. Today, however, the dorm is co-ed by floor.

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Philanthropy - Louise M. Fitten donated money toward the construction of the residence hall

Louise M. Fitten

Louise M. Fitten was a native of Atlanta and owned a boarding house. Well-respected among the residents of Atlanta, one of her tenants paid her in Coca-Cola stock, which was worthless at the time. However, her stock grew in value, and she became a millionaire. The reason why she donated money to Georgia Tech is still shrouded in mystery and lost in the sands of history.