Lyman Hall Laboratory of Chemistry

  • The building was renovated in 1988
  • Houses the Bursar's Office
  • Part of the Historic District
The Lyman Hall Laboratory of Chemistry was constructed in 1905. The building is commonly referred to as Lyman Hall due to the common mistake that "Hall" isn't just a expression. It is also shaped like a "T" and has two stories with a basement. Each floor is approximately 5,600 square feet in size. The building is now the home to the Bursar's Office. The Lyman Hall Laboratory will be remembered by Georgia Tech students as the home of the freshman chemistry lab from 1906 through 1991. It is part of the historic district at Georgia Tech, along with twelve other buildings.
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Honorary - The building was named in honor of Lyman Hall because he was the Second President of Georgia Tech serving from 1896 to 1905.

Lyman Hall

Lyman Hall was born in Americus, Georgia on February 18th, 1859. He attended Mercer University and thereafter was admitted into the United States Military Academy. However, he wasn't able to have a military career. He instead taught mathematics the Georgia Military Academy and the South Carolina Military Academy. He then became a professor at the Moreland Park Military Academy before finding his way to Georgia Tech. At Tech, Hall was a professor and also served as the second president of the school.