Major John Hanson Residence Hall

  • Year Constructed: 1961
  • Construction Cost: $369,000.00
Hanson features traditional two-person rooms with shared bathrooms on the hall. It is a four floor, co-ed dorm on east campus. It was built in 1961 and last renovated in 2002. Hanson Hall is also in the Freshman Experience program. Hanson Hall retains its integrity despite the replacement of historic windows and exterior doors with modern units not matching the historic condition. Although these modifications did not result in the replacement of historic materials in-kind, the building retains its overall architectural and historic character
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Honorary- Named after Major John F. Hanson who was a confederate solider and and one of the prominent leaders in Georgia who wanted to build a technical school in the South to compete with the Industrialized North.

Major John Hanson

Major John Hanson is an industrialist who helped create the Georgia School of Technology. He started the Bibb Manufacturing Company in 1876, a company that built and acquired mills. He also owned the Macon Telegraph and Messenger, an opponent of the Atlanta Constitution. In order to create a skilled workforce, he helped promote an editorial in the Macon Telegraph that promoted a polytechnic college in the state of Georgia. He helped elect Nathaniel E. Harris who also wanted to create a technical school in Georgia.