Mary R. and John F. Brock III Football Practice Facility

  • Indoor football practice field
  • Outdoor football practice field
  • Weight rooms
The John and Mary Brock Football Practice Facility is a $7 Million, 80,000 square foot facility with indoor and outdoor practice football fields. This facility required 590 tons of steel to build and consists of a full-size football field in an enclosed space with massive hangar doors that allow easy access to and from the existing outdoor facility, which is situated directly adjacent to the new building. Indoor lights hang high above the perimeter of the field, replicating the lighting one would expect to see in an outdoor stadium. A viewing platform surrounds the field, and a camera system mounted in the ceiling, allowing practices to be filmed. The field will also have a single field goal located at the north end of the facility, same as the outdoor field, since “Coach Johnson’s offense always drives north”. The facility was much needed to provide a practice field for the Jacket's football team, which is enclosed from the elements. Therefore, nothing can prevent the team from practicing and preparing for games. The Georgia Tech cheerleaders also use the facility for practices. Brock noted that “We are confident that our gift will encourage other alumni to provide additional financial giving across both academic and athletic opportunities. For many years, Georgia Tech football has been a tremendous source of pride and enjoyment for Mary and me, and we look forward to its continued winning program.”
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Philanthropy - The facility was named in honor of Mary and John Brock for their generous donation to the facility, and their continutal support and love of the Jackets!

John and Mary Brock III

John F. Brock’s passion for Georgia Tech has been long admired since he was a child and attended Georgia Tech graduating in 1970 with a Degree in Chemical Engineering and then a Masters in Chemical Engineering in 1971. Mr. Brock used his degrees to succeed in the beverage industry joining Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. in April 2006 as President and CEO as well as a member of the Board of Directors. However, Mr. Brock’s entrepreneurial success never stopped him from taking time to support the institute he loves.