Nathaniel E. Harris Residence Hall

  • Cost: $534,000
  • Opened: 1926
  • Located on East Campus
The Nathaniel E. Harris Residence Hall is located on East Campus, and houses both males and females. The residence hall was opened in 1926, and was last renovated in 1988. It cost $534,000 to build in 1926. The building represents the work of Institute architecture faculty, including Harold Bush-Brown and Kenneth Kingsley Stowell and is an excellent example of the early Collegiate Gothic style on campus. The eight dormitories comprising the east campus residential quadrangle around the Brittain Dining Hall represent the evolution of architectural style from the highly ornamented Collegiate Gothic through a more refined version of the style to the later streamlined Collegiate Gothic style with diminishing stylistic ornamentation.
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Honorary - The building was named after Nathaniel E. Harris because he chartered the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1885. Georgia Tech would not exist if it was not for his efforts.

Nathaniel E. Harris

Harris was born in Jonesboro, Tennessee, in 1846 and moved to Georgia during the American Civil War to escape Union troops. At the age of sixteen, he joined the infantry of the Confederate States Army and served until the end of the American Civil War eventually becoming an officer in the 16th Virginia Cavalry. After the war, he returned to his family's home in Tennessee; however, they soon moved to Bartow County, Georgia. In 1867, Harris attended the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens, was a member of Chi Phi fraternity and the Phi Kappa Literary Society, and graduated in 1870 with a B.A.