Paul Weber Space Science & Technology I (SST1) Building

  • Ground Breaking: 1967
  • The Weber building has a display of advanced jet engine technologies in its foyer donated by Pratt & Whitney.

The Paul Weber Space Science & Technology Building is one of the few buildings on campus which is named for exactly what it does. Inside the building's double glass doors are multiple advanced laboratories working on some of the most groundbreaking aeronautical research of the day. The aerospace systems design lab (ASDL) in particular is revolutionizing the way in which the industry looks at the design of air and space systems. Today, the Weber building is home to hundreds of graduate students and hosts multiple undergraduate classes daily. 

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Honorary - The building was named in honor of Paul Weber, Georgia Tech’s interim president in 1956-58.

Paul Weber

Paul Weber is one of Tech’s less known administrators and presidents. Dr. Weber joined the Georgia Tech family in 1927 as a professor in the school of chemical engineering. Through hard work and an extended career at the Institute, Dr. Weber worked his way up through positions as head of the chemical engineering department, Dean of Facilities, Vice President for planning, and eventually even the interim president of Georgia Tech! Following president Van Leers death in 1956, Dr.