Penny and Roe Stamps Student Center Commons

  • Do not mix up the “Student Center” with the “Student Success Center!” This is a common mistake students make, and you don’t want to do that the day you have an interview in the Student Success Center.

The Stamps Student Center Commons is open twenty-four hours a day, thus providing the Georgia Tech community a space for entertainment, performances, study lounges, and Student Government offices. Besides the Student Government, other groups hold up to 7,000 events annually in the complex. Several restaurants and other dining services are available in this building, which is quite a relief to hungry students. A branch of the Georgia Tech bookstore, Burdell’s, is also located in the Student Center and sells snacks and office supplies to students during select hours. Students can also have fun in the Tech Rec, bowling and playing video games with friends. The fun doesn’t end there; the Student Center Program Council works out of the Student Center to sponsor numerous programs each year for students.

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Philanthropy - It is named after Penny and Roe Stamps for their generous philanthropic donations to Georgia Tech

Penny and Roe Stamps

Penny and Roe Stamps married in 1971 and initially settled in Boston. Penny started her own interior design business with her degree from the University of Michigan School of Art & Design. Simultaneously, Roe co-founded the private investment firm Summit Partners soon after finishing his MBA at Harvard Business school; he received his BS and MS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech. After they raised two children and excelled in their respective careers, they moved to Florida where they became involved in multiple philanthropic initiatives.