R. Kirk Landon Learning Center

  • Early Education Center for Georgia Tech Faculty, Staff and Students

This learning center is a NAEYC accredited early care and education center that offers high quality early education for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old.  It is located on 1015 Tumlin Street, and because of its close proximity to Georgia Tech, the primary clients are Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and students.  This center is part of the Bright Horizons Community, but it was specifically founded by a generous donation from Kirk Landon, a Georgia Tech alum.  The center provides a highly stimulating environment, teaching music, dance, and language classes.  Children enrolled in Kirk Landon Learning Center are nutritiously and intellectually nurtured as they interact with other children their age in a safe environment.

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Philanthropy - The building is named after Kirk Landon for his generous donation to the learning center

R. Kirk Landon

R. Kirk Landon was born in 1928 and was enrolled in the Hargrave Military Academy before he joined the Georgia Tech community as an undergraduate student.  He completed his bachelors degree in Industrial Management at Georgia Tech in 1950, then enrolled in the US Navy.  He returned from the Navy and began a very impressive career holding many leadership positions in various companies and organizations.