Robert C. Commander Commons

  • Completed: 1969
  • Construction Costs: $149,000.00
  • Square Feet: 7,198
The Commander Commons building is located on Tech's west campus. The building is home to The West Community Housing Office (WCHO). The Office of Information Technology (OIT), and other organizations occasionally hold meetings and talks in the basement of the commons.
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Honorary - The building was named after Robert C. Commander because of his work in the 1961 integration of campus, and more importantly, his work to make Tech’s first black students feel comfortable on campus

Robert C. Commander

Robert C. Commander was one of the integral charachters in the integration of Georgia Tech in 1961, and he created the Freshman Camp & World Student Fund. Commander’s most important contribution to Tech was his work to make the 1961 integration of campus run smoothly, and more importantly, to make Tech’s first black students comfortable on campus.