Roe Stamps Field

  • $4.5 Million reconstruction occurred in 2013
The Roe Stamps fields are adjacent to the Campus Recreation Center and are primarily used for general recreation, sport clubs, and intramurals. The versatile fields can be used as four flag football fields, two soccer fields, or two softball fields. The reconstruction of the Roe Stamps Student Athletic Center (SAC) Fields included the demolition of the existing sidewalks, walls, synthetic field and stairs and the rebuilding of synthetic sports field, concrete walls, concrete stairs, concrete and asphalt paving, site electrical, storm drainage, fencing and storage unit construction and landscaping, all totaling over $4.5 million.
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Philanthropy - THe Roe Stamps Fields are named after Roe Stamps for his continued generosity towards the institute

Penny and Roe Stamps

Penny and Roe Stamps married in 1971 and initially settled in Boston. Penny started her own interior design business with her degree from the University of Michigan School of Art & Design. Simultaneously, Roe co-founded the private investment firm Summit Partners soon after finishing his MBA at Harvard Business school; he received his BS and MS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech. After they raised two children and excelled in their respective careers, they moved to Florida where they became involved in multiple philanthropic initiatives.