What is Philanthropy at Tech

Philanthropy at Tech is a student-led initiative, started by members of the Georgia Tech Student Foundation (GTSF), that aims to inspire and teach the Georgia Tech community about the philanthropic giving that made Georgia Tech the Institute it is today.

Throughout the month of October, and ongoing through this website, GTSF hopes to educate campus about the generous alumni and friends who have supported Georgia Tech through philanthropic endeavors, These include the funding buildings, the naming of colleges and schools, endowing professorships and chairs, supporting scholarships, and giving annually to Georgia Tech’s annual fund, the Roll Call.

Who is the Georgia Tech Student Foundation?

Started in 1986, by a contribution from the late J. Erskine Love, Jr. (ME ’54), the Georgia Tech Student Foundation began with a $100,000 endowment that was intended by Love to be invested and given out to worthy projects to improve Tech’s campus. GTSF’s motto “Moving Forward by Giving Back” aims to continue the philanthropy that J. Erskine Love began years ago.

Today, the Student Foundation operates a $1.2 million endowment, and uses the interest earned off of the endowment to fund student projects and initiatives through an Allocations process. Almost 30 years after the initial investments in the endowment, the Student Foundation has allocated over $607,000 to over 356 campus organizations or initiatives. Most notable, in recent years, GTSF has helped fund the creation of the Klemis Kitchen, Campus Closet, Ramblin' Reck Club, One Voice Atlanta, For the Kids, and many other worthy events.

Most importantly, perhaps, is the Student Foundation’s dedication to teaching students the strong tradition of giving back to Georgia Tech. Roll Call, Tech’s annual fund, raises unrestricted donations from students, alumni, and friends of the Institute to maintain Georgia Tech and fund student-life initiatives. The Development Committee of the Student Foundation helps to educate students on the importance of giving back and secures donations from over 6,150 students annually to protect and enhance Georgia Tech’s future.

The Philanthropy at Tech educational campaign and website are ways for Student Foundation to share their passion for philanthropy and highlight the impact it has on Georgia Tech, your education, and Tech’s future.

How Can You Get More Involved?

This week, we invite you to read through all of the huge signs appearing around campus, understand how imperative these donations are to your education, and take the opportunity to do your part and give back to Tech through the Georgia Tech Student Foundation.

If you want to get more involved with Student Foundation and our efforts, check out our website and find out how to get started.