Bobby Dodd

1908 to 1988

Bobby Dodd started his football career as the quarterback for the University of Tennessee from 1928-1930; during his tenure he led the Vols to a 27-1-2 record, known as for his versatility on the field. After that, he became an assistant coach at Georgia Tech under Bill Alexander in 1930. He took over the team for Alexander in 1945, instituting a coaching philosophy that centered around player treatment and well-executed plays. He was known not only for being a great coach, but a lucky one. Plus, he was remembered for being as obsessed that his players get an education as he was about football, encouraging them to excel both as students and athletes. In 1967, Dodd stepped down as coach and became athletics director. In 1976, he retired from Georgia Tech athletics, having spent 45 years in some capacity with the programs.

Notable Accomplishments: 
  • One of three people elected to the College Football Hall of Fame as both as player and a coach
  • Two-time All-Southern team honors as QB for University of Tennessee
  • Won eight straight bowl games
  • 1993 National Football Hall of Fame Inductee