Cherry L. Emerson

1888 to 1959

Emerson graduated from Georgia Tech with two degrees in mechanical engineering (1908) and electrical engineering (1909). Emerson's father was William Henry Emerson, the first dean of Georgia Tech. At Georgia Tech, Cherry L. Emerson was a charter member of Georgia Tech's ANAK Society, Editor-in-Chief of the Blueprint, and a brother of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. In 1919, Cherry L. Emerson joined Robert and Company, where he eventually became president when L. W. (Chip) Robert was named Assistant Secretary of the U. S. Treasury in 1933. After years of working in the electrical power industry, he served as president of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association in 1943. He was appointed as dean of the school of engineering in 1945 and was named vice-president in charge of expansion in 1948. Under his direction, the physical plant of Georgia Tech nearly doubled in size. Emerson left Georgia Tech in 1955 and died in 1959. Emerson's son, Cherry Logan Emerson, Jr. a successful chemical engineer, businessman, and philanthropist. You can read more about him here.

Notable Accomplishments: 
  • 1908 GT degree of M.E.
  • 1909 GT degree of E.E.
  • 1945 Dean of Engineering at Georgia Tech
  • Doubled GT's physical plant size
  • Served as a national director for the Boy Scouts of America.