Edwin H. Folk

1901 to 1959

Edwin H. Folk was born in 1901, and after earning a degree in English, he came to teach the subject at Georgia Tech in 1924.  Mr. Folk became one of the most popular professors on campus during his tenure.  Unfortunately, he passed away in 1959, but because of the general gratitude Georgia Tech students had for him, a passage was written in the 1960 Blueprint dedicated to his name.  

“Both posthumous and dual dedications are a rarity with the Blue Print. But, the past year was a rare and tragic one for Georgia Tech; a year when the school lost two of its finest teachers and gentle-men. Professor Hal Brown and Professor Edwin Folk joined the English Department here within two years of each other; professor Folk in 1924 and Professor Brown in 1926. For a combined total of 68 years these two gentlemen conscientiously taught composition, literature, and speech to an often reluctant and sometimes semi-belligerent series of students. For their devotion to Georgia Tech and for the dignity they brought to their chosen profession, we respectfully dedicate the 1960 Blue Print to the memory of Hal Brown and Ed Folk, true teachers in every sense of the term.”  Later on, a residence hall would be named in his honor as the “Edwin Folk Residence Hall.”

Notable Accomplishments: 
  • One of the most popular professors on campus during his tenure
  • Georgia Tech English Professor in 1924