Jack Stein

Jack Stein was in his early days as a student at Georgia Tech when he helped his father to found the Stein Printing Company, and he became the owner of a fourth of the company at its founding.  By the time he graduated, he took over the entire company and undertook a number of entrepreneurial ventures during his life, from building a nursing home to investing in real estate.  He donated property to Georgia Tech, and the proceeds from its sale were invested in two endowment funds - a smaller one for student scholarships with preference for those from Bimini in the Bahamas, where he loved to fish, and a larger one for unrestricted use.  

Unrestricted endowment funds are very special to Georgia Tech. They provide the flexibility to respond quickly to unanticipated needs and unexpected opportunities, and they help to fill in the gaps between restricted endowments, so than even level of enrichment across programs is reached. Unrestricted endowment funds help keep an even keel and forward movement in a balanced way, and their flexibility puts them among Georgia Tech’s most valued gifts.


Notable Accomplishments: 
  • Founder of Stein Printing Company
  • Created a Student Scholarship Endowment for Georgia Tech Students