Penny and Roe Stamps

Penny and Roe Stamps married in 1971 and initially settled in Boston. Penny started her own interior design business with her degree from the University of Michigan School of Art & Design. Simultaneously, Roe co-founded the private investment firm Summit Partners soon after finishing his MBA at Harvard Business school; he received his BS and MS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech. After they raised two children and excelled in their respective careers, they moved to Florida where they became involved in multiple philanthropic initiatives.

Their main focus is assisting in education, so they founded the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation. Today there are 425 Stamps Scholars nationwide who receive generous scholarships to help aid their education each year. Their legacy with Georgia Tech continues with this scholarship, and more, because of their “joy and satisfaction of seeing what these young people are doing with their lives”.

Notable Accomplishments: 
  • Both Mr. and Mrs. Stamps were entrepreneurs in their respective fields, yielding significant monetary benefits.
  • Roe and Penny Stamps have allowed hundreds of students around the world to participate in different academic programs through the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation.