William G. Perry

1877 to 1951

William Gilmer Perry was born on December 5, 1877 in Columbia, South Carolina. In 1901, a year after earning his master's degree from Davidson College in North Carolina, Georgia Tech hired him as an adjunct professor of English at a time when there were only three other English professors at the institute. In 1922, he became head of the English Department at Tech. During his time at Tech, he served as a faculty advisor and sponsor of both the Technique and the Blueprint. After 48 years of teaching, he retired on July 1, 1948. Three years later, he passed away in Atlanta, Georgia. The Blueprint dedicated the fourtieth edition of the yearbook to Perry, describing him as someone who "has summarized every excellence which the noblest education can install in a man."

Notable Accomplishments: 
  • Head of Georgia Tech's English Department