Why Giving to Tech is Important

Georgia Tech is a place where the spirit of philanthropy is strong, and all efforts are made to realize the Institute’s motto of “Progress and Service.”  As students, we support all sorts of efforts from designing water distribution systems in other countries and tutoring in Atlanta Public Schools, to raising money for various causes and catastrophes worldwide.

The Georgia Tech Student Foundation strives to inspire a sense of pride in students to continue the tradition of students and alumni investing in the future of Georgia Tech through participation and support.

Top Reasons to Give Back to Tech

Giving = Gratitude

Georgia Tech has changed our lives by providing outstanding academic resources, a quality education, unique opportunities, lasting friendships, and countless memories. Our support both now and after we graduate is a way of saying "thank you" while helping future generations gain access to the same opportunities.

Raise Our Ranking

Our donations now and in the future, regardless of the gift’s size, play an important role in maintaining the value of our degrees. Each donation raises Georgia Tech's national ranking by improving our participation percentage - a key criterion in most ranking methodologies, including U.S. News & World Report. Your support can help keep Georgia Tech a top ten public institution now and long into the future.

Tuition doesn't cover it

Did you know that tuition only covers approximately 15 percent of the total cost of your educational experience? The remaining 85 percent of the cost to run Georgia Tech is funded by the generosity of alumni and friends, state financial support, research, and other revenue streams, so you’re actually getting a discount! Donating through GTSF is a small contribution to enhance the Tech experience for all students – now and in the future.  

It All Adds Up

You may think that your small gift couldn't possibly have any impact, but it adds up. When combined with participation from your classmates and alumni, your gift becomes truly valuable.

It’s Tradition

Giving back is truly a strong tradition -- the alumni giving percentage at Georgia Tech is the highest in the nation of any public university. Therefore, one could say Georgia Tech is the national champion of giving back! By becoming a member of SAA, where your $10 is entirely a donation to the Institute, you are continuing the tradition of giving that we hope will last beyond your years as a student.


How to Give

Give back through GTSF

Do you or your organization want to make a contribution to Roll Call through the Georgia Tech Student Foundation?

To make an individual gift online, visit the Georgia Tech Roll Call page.

If you would like a member of the Georgia Tech Student Foundation’s Development Committee come and speak to your organization, let us know by emailing development@gtsf.gatech.edu.

Give back by joining the Student Alumni Association (SAA)

By joining SAA, $5 of your membership donation goes to Roll Call through the Georgia Tech Student Foundation, and $5 goes to SAA’s Gift to Tech. As a student donor, you get to help decide what campus project to support each year. In previous years, student shave chosen to support Klemis Kitchen and Student Mental Health programs. With the help of loyal alumni matching, the 6,150+ students in SAA have provided these projects with over $125,000 in the past five years.

To learn more about SAA and to join, visit their website.